About Ricardo Motorcycle

About Ricardo Motorcycle

Your full-service technical partner for all motorcycle development

Motorcycle manufacturers face ever-tougher challenges in bringing to market cost-effective products that satisfy both customer expectations and regulatory standards.

Ricardo provides its clients with the right balance of styling, design, technical, strategic and manufacturing support to enable successful navigation of this highly competitive and regulated global marketplace. Drawing on a vast knowledge of full-vehicle design and engine, transmission, driveline and hybrid motorcycle technology, we offer our clients accelerated, uncompromised delivery of uniquely designed motorcycle products.

Constantly evolving our in-depth understanding of regulations, exploring fully our OEMs’ stipulations and their customers’ demands, and understanding the competitive landscape, lends strategic robustness to the product development process – something we place a great deal of importance upon.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience not only in motorcycle design and development, but across a very broad spectrum of domestic, commercial and industrial vehicle projects.

We bring strategic, design, engineering, manufacturing, software, environmental and project management expertise to everything that we do.

With an unprecedented full-product development capability, we help our clients to plan, design and deliver world-class motorcycles, scooters and other two-, three and small four-wheel vehicles.