Call for papers

Call for papers

Call for papers 2020

This year we are looking for you to share your cutting-edge ideas, research and passion at our 7th Ricardo Motorcycle Conference. Some ideas of what we are looking for are below but by no means exhaustive:

  • Power train and vehicle innovation, design and development
  • Market drivers – future customer demands, future transportation policies, ride sharing trends, electrification, battery technology and last mile delivery
  • Autonomous drive and connectivity, what is interesting for L-category vehicles?
  • Light weight vehicles – new concepts and developments, business models, how to bring motorcycle passion into urban areas?
  • Analytical approach to save development time and costs
  • Rider safety and functional safety
  • Cyber security

This year we are looking to change the agenda slightly to introduce a more interactive agenda by having two panel discussions, alongside other papers, each focussed on the following subjects:

  • Virtual Processes to Reduce Time to Market
  • Electric & Hybrid Powertrain Technologies

We welcome specific entries for panellists for each of these sessions where each panellist will get 15 minutes to introduce themselves and their thinking before the moderator progresses a wider discussion involving the audience to create some thought-provoking discussions. We would also like to hear from you if you would be interested in moderating any of these sessions and welcome your entry.

Are you interested in giving a speech on one of these subjects? If so, please complete the digital form or request more information at [email protected]