Expert Dialogues

Expert Dialogues

Parellel Expert Dialogue sessions 2017

Electric motorcycles

This Expert Dialogue was run by Pieter Ramaekers and Chris Norman from Ricardo who discussed with participants how this new area for future two-wheeler technology is developing, and outlined the key challenges facing the industry with respect to powertrain, battery and vehicle technology, and how appropriate solutions could be applied in the motorcycle industry.

Connected motorcycles

During the Expert Dialogue, ‘Connected motorcycles’, Kay Herget from Bosch SoftTec discussed with participants how innovative automotive connectivity for infotainment and assistance solutions could be applied in the motorcycle industry.

Technology roadmapping

Rimoon Agaiby and Felix Hoffmann from Ricardo Strategic Consulting invited the attendees to dive deep into the field of ‘Technology Road Mapping’ for Motorcycles. They discussed current and future technologies in a mixed group of experts from different companies. A structured evaluation of the technologies allowed us to build an industry-specific technology roadmap.