Meet the Expert: Felix Hoffman

Meet the Expert: Felix Hoffman

Taking a holistic approach to the future of light urban mobility

Manufacturers, governments, fast moving consumer goods brands, and global logistics providers are all looking for urgent solutions for last mile delivery. Here, we speak to Ricardo Senior Business Analyst Felix Hoffmann about the holistic approach to strategic market understanding plus proven engineering capabilities for light urban mobility vehicles, which will make the movement of goods and people around cities greener, quicker and more efficient.

Can you tell us about your career to date?

“I studied Business Administration at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and acquired both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree there. Besides having had a personal interest in the products of the automotive industry before, during several projects and internships in my studies, I also developed strong interest in the market environment as well as the drivers and challenges this sector is and will be imposed with.

“My first touchpoint with Ricardo was during my internship at the Munich office of Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC). The combination of outstanding strategic consulting work and a strong focus and experience within the automotive industry made RSC a very interesting employer. After finishing my internship and Master’s studies around the same time, I got the chance to join RSC as a Business Analyst in Munich and since then have been working on a variety of strategic and operational projects for different mobility players including OEMs and suppliers.”

You have recently been developing the light urban mobility offering for Ricardo. Can you tell us more about that, and why this is such a big challenge and opportunity currently?

“Light urban mobility is developing rapidly and is underlying the influence of a variety of trends like population growth and increasing urbanisation, but also changing consumer preferences, for example in terms of ownership models and an increased awareness about the environmental impact of mobility. These trends impose several challenges for mobility players but at the same time offer huge potential for those who are able to address the future needs of mobility users.”

Ricardo has very strong capability in product and market analysis. Can you tell us more and why this service is so important and useful for organisations right now?

“Across several divisions at Ricardo, we have the opportunity to look at the topic of light urban mobility from different angles and with varying experiences that we have developed supporting our customers. This strong collaboration between, for example, our Motorcycle expert team and Ricardo Strategic Consulting enables us to take a holistic view of the requirements and challenges of future light urban mobility including technology and infrastructure but also a deep understanding for different use cases, customer types and business models.”

What value does our product and market analysis add to our engineering/technical expertise for a customer?

“The synergy potential that our combined offering allows us to bring to projects is one of the main benefits. RSC’s strategic market understanding in combination with Ricardo’s proven engineering capabilities for light urban mobility vehicles means we can support our customers from early idea generation and market analysis up to a production vehicle, manufacturing and after sales.”

Does your passion and knowledge of motorcycles as a biker help shape your consultancy advice for a customer?

“Definitely. Being a motorcycle enthusiast myself, I understand the challenges that OEMs are facing, for example, when they need to transfer the emotional aspects of riding ICE motorcycles to next generation, emission-free motorcycles also from a consumer perspective. Although especially when we are talking about light urban mobility, the potential of L-category vehicle applications goes beyond two-wheelers as a pure hobby but in fact offer a wide range of opportunities in terms of moving people and goods through inner cities quicker, greener and safer.”

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