Vehicle design

Vehicle design

The perfect blend of style, form and function

Since 2010, Ricardo has benefitted from a partnership with EXNOVO, a leading Italian vehicle design house, bolstering its turnkey vehicle delivery offering by including comprehensive motorcycle design expertise.

In 2016, Ricardo and EXNOVO joined forces permanently, through acquisition, bringing EXNOVO’s services, facilities and highly experienced team in house under the Ricardo brand.

Ricardo’s Motorcycle team provides the perfect blend of styling, design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to deliver start-to-finish products ready to meet the evolving needs and desires of consumers.

We are working to bring new urban transport solutions through forwardthinking two-, three- and small four-wheel vehicle designs. These vehicles incorporate innovative on-board features and technologies designed to protect our environment and decongest our urban spaces.

Market research, analysis and concept testing We help our clients to design novel products that target the needs of the right customers at the right price. We conduct in-depth consumer and competitor benchmarking studies and objectively and subjectively evaluate novel designs. Coupling this with our vast knowledge and experience, we create insightful briefs that are tested and re-tested throughout the project.

The component, design and accessory patents gained through our client work are testament to our relentless drive for innovation and advancement in this field.