Urban mobility

Urban mobility

Integrated technology driven urban mobility solutions

Urban population set to rise to 4.7 billion by 2030 – an increase of 34% since 2010

Urban population growth, congestion and pollution pose significant challenges across the globe. Adding these factors to the ever-increasing demand for fast, cost-effective and connected urban transportation, it is clear to see why integrated technology driven ‘urban mobility’ solutions have never been more important.

Ricardo shares a vision of a future with sustainable urban mobility as a multi-modal transport system to move people and goods, integrated with a comprehensive data infrastructure and decentralised clean sources of energy. People will make real-time travel decisions, and transportation will be optimized in real time using information related to user demand and energy availability.

Ricardo provides integrated technology driven urban mobility solutions from within one multi-discipline global and dynamic organization. 

Sustainable solutions for transportation, energy, scarce resources and waste

Our technical and strategic consultancy business supports the many sectors that come together to provide future integrated urban mobility solutions:

Multi-modal transportation

e-Bikes, motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and rail  

Energy and environmental

Urban air-quality management, climate change, waste management, sustainable transport, clean energy and power generation

With a century of delivering excellence through technology across multiple sectors, we are an entrusted global partner to identify and deliver holistic urban mobility solutions, merging the traditional ‘physical vehicle world’ with the ‘digital IT world’.  Our client list includes the world’s major transportation manufacturers, supply chain organizations, energy companies, financial institutions and governments.